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What is SPA-center?

 What procedures are usually presented in it? How do they differ from the usual procedures that can be performed in a beauty salon or medical center? Let's try to understand.

The term SPA - an abbreviation «sanitas per aqua» Latin expression meaning "health through water". There is another version: SPA-care is so called because it was born in the Belgian town of Spa, famous for its thermal waters.Today, when it comes to the SPA, we are talking about the cabin, equipped with the most advanced equipment in which experts of the highest class work.

The general concept of SPA-care aimed at a comprehensive relaxation, improving overall health. In good interior are no trifles: the interior, attention to customers, music, herbal teas and herbal cocktails, light snacks are nutritious, scented candles are very important for the customer sentiment, and consequently the success of the salon. This holistic, ie comprehensive care.


Description SPA-salon activity is not limited to a simple list of procedures. Keyword to imagine how everything happens - "ritual". The ritual includes all - relaxing treatments, soft towels, scented candles flame, meditation music, subtle flavors, the words that you say here about the need for unity of the spiritual and physical energies. You will be offered snacks, vitamin cocktails and juices, herbal teas.

So, in the lounge you can feel the elegance of the interior, pleasure and comfort, and take care of your ...

... Body. A wide range of services and procedures allows everyone to get what is able to relax as much as possible, to improve the health and appearance.

Most salons different pair - Eastern, Slavic and European style, where you can relax, spend a massage with honey, essential oils, try fruit mixes and the best teas.

You can also use the Finnish and Russian steam bath, and a cedar barrel. In some clubs, there are also a fitness area, which may be aerobic exercise, yoga, belly dancing, salsa, etc.

SPA-procedures help fight cellulite through a variety of wraps. For example, the Dead Sea mud. To begin the procedure followed with salt exfoliation, it helps the skin to get rid of dead skin cells and opens pores. After peeling the skin ready for the effects of therapeutic muds, which are uniformly applied to the body in the form of slurry. Zinc, copper, potassium, magnesium included in the therapeutic mud, stepping up the process of fat digestion and increase capillary blood flow. Most salons mud treatment is carried out in the framework of thalassotherapy, ie use of marine origin - mud and water with algae.

After the procedure the skin is cleansed, becomes silky and soft, and the body there is a feeling of great lightness. In conclusion, performed massage, which helps to improve blood and lymph circulation in areas affected by cellulite, and normalization of metabolic processes in them.

SPA-procedures are useful to enhance immunity, to relieve psychological stress, to replenish the body's forces in the post-natal period.

... Hands and feet. SPA-salon specialists will help you in the care of the nails on the hands and feet, do manicures and pedicures, help with problem nails. Procedures for nail care are carried out using modern cosmetics. interior specialists will massage hands and feet, based on the theory of reflex points, responsible for the health of your body using oils and balms on the basis of a wide variety of plants, thermal waters and minerals. You will also be offered oil mask, paraffin baths, creams and serums that contain antioxidant vitamins.

... Face. Inside, you can select SPA - skincare treatments face. Cleaning the skin will support and keep it fresh and healthy for a long time. If on the face appeared fine wrinkles, and skin has lost elasticity to cope with these problems mesotherapy without difficulty, because Cosmetics gets deep into the skin, and therefore acts much more radical than any cream.

Tailor-made drugs can trap moisture in the cells when they are dehydrated and stimulate the formation of collagen fibers - it improves skin turgor and smoothes wrinkles.

Special cocktails have a tightening effect, "clean" double chin, forming a perfect oval face, treating acne, acne, help reduce skin puffiness.

You will be offered a set of procedures for the face, including phyto-Gommage and a variety of masks.

... HAIR. Triholog determine the type of your hair, will analyze their condition. You prompt, balms and shampoos which type suits you, make a mask, scalp massage, relieves irritation, accumulated emotional stress.

... Mood. Beach of our time - chronic fatigue, stress, depression, characteristic inhabitants of large cities. SPA-center offers treatments that can overcome these adversities, since they plunge us into the world, specially designed to improve health. When a face and a figure in the order, we can think of a new image. In addition to the above procedures, the cabin can change the hairstyle, manicure and pedicure, solarium, use the services of a stylist.

It should be noted that SPA-salons as a successful commercial progress offer another service: you can buy a gift certificate cabin, which is a great gift. The person receiving the certificate from you, will be able to choose a set of procedures, suitable individual for his body and soul, to use them at the appropriate time. By purchasing a gift certificate, you can turn it all procedures and services SPA-club, making, thus, individual SPA-program, or limited to a certain certificate denomination, and present holder of the specific services he chooses.

One day in SPA-salon, which you have devoted to the care of himself, is able to replace the holiday week. In general, it is better to try once, than hundred times to read.