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The program of pharmacological support

Unfortunately, in practice we have to deal with some pretty primitive understanding of what happens to the athlete who dared, as we say, "take chemicals". The majority believes that the most important thing is to choose the right tablets or injections, then it will be necessary only to observe how these "miracle" money will create your champion's appearance. I can assure you that in most cases this doesn't happen. If there any progress is usually explained by the ability of the steroids to improve the course of many metabolic processes, including the building of muscle mass. We're not talking about their combination with drugs growth hormone and insulin.

In fact, the program of pharmacological support should be subordinate to diet and exercise factor. And to plan it should sport-for-life be based on the specific objectives of this phase of the training process.

There is dangerous misconception that the use of powerful anabolic stimulants, such as the Andes-rogeno-anabolic steroids, growth hormone, insulin and other, able to accelerate during the recovery processes. In fact, this can very quickly lead you to over-voltage and overtraining. Of course, applying the above medications, you get the opportunity to train harder, but we have to choose between the two, and in any case not to increase and may even decrease frequency of training sessions.

Once the late steroid guru Dan Du Cheyne said: "There is nothing easier anabolicsteroidsonline than to train an athlete who is on roids". At the current level of scientific and practical knowledge and experience possessed by modern sports science, this statement is not entirely true. Yes, for some time, when the anabolic model of metabolic processes, spurred by various anabolicstore will maintain a positive nitrogen balance, you really will progress, even if methodologically, the programme your training will be illiterate. But, as soon as you cross the line its adaptive capacity, no pharmacology any immediate or in the distant future is not able to protect you from an imminent slide into the catabolic phase. And considering the possibility of developing the overtraining of the Central type, your chances are ignorant when training is reduced even more.

For this reason, when using pharmacological support competent and methodologically reasonable complex training process is not only relegated to the background thesporthealth, but remains Central to progress.

However, given the shift of metabolism towards the predominance of the anabolic processes, you must present all mechanisms of muscular hypertrophy, regardless of sports specialization you practice. Although the development of the sarcoplasmic and mitochondrial types of hypertrophy is characteristic almost exclusively for bodybuilders.

Limiting tasks bodybuilders, namely the process of increasing muscle mass, when you use fredderick training must be comprehensive. That is, it must be built so that all three mechanisms (two mentioned above plus myofibrillar hypertrophy), were used in an optimal way.