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Shoulder stretch

07 Aug

Stretching the arms – an important element of training on the arms, shoulders and back. Brothers Kalutsky tell what exercises to effectively stretch the shoulder muscles.

Multiple champions Guinness Book of Records, acrobats brothers Kalutsky know a lot about good stretch! As a child, the brothers Cyril and Daniel held a 3-year course in yoga for 3 months! During yoga sessions followed by acrobatics and gymnastics, and as early as the age of five brothers to fulfill elements of master of sports, gymnastics and acrobatics. Editorial also admires their flexibility and plasticity, and offers to learn from the guys skill and perseverance!

The success of the performance, as well as success in the creation of a perfect body is dependent on the previous exercise and muscle health. In this article, Cyril and Daniel will tell how to perform stretching the shoulders, to improve the recovery of the deltoid muscle after intensive exercise, improve muscle elasticity and joint flexibility.

Stretching the upper part of the body not only prevents muscle stiffness but also improves posture, if the shoulder girdle muscles are weak, stooped man looks. Also for stretching shoulder exercises increase blood circulation and ease breathing.

Exercises to stretch the shoulders

Follow this complex for stretching the deltoids after a workout on the arms, shoulders and back, or as a separate exercise. In any case, should be stretched only to warm up your muscles, so before you proceed directly to the shoulder stretch, do a workout . This warm up and prepare the muscle fiber to respond effectively to stretching. Perform all exercises as much as possible correctly and carefully, in any case without making jerky movements, so as not to burden the joints, ligaments and muscles. Linger in the final position for 30-60 seconds and remember about proper breathing.

stretch shoulders

For stretching exercises you do not need special equipment, all can be done at home . Make sure that you have a mat on which to sit or stand, and free wall. And now, after our experts Kalutsky brothers begin to exercise.

Stretching deltas

The first exercise is the most simple: try as much as possible to make the right hand to the left shoulder. When performing this exercise, stretching the deltoids do not lift the shoulder of his right hand. Repeat for the other hand.

Intertwined hands

For the next exercise you will need to literally twist the arms as the video. Put your right elbow on the inner fold of the left hand and the brush left grasp right wrist. Bend your elbows, so you’ll use the shoulder rotator.

Behind the castle

stretch musclesAnother effective exercise for stretching the shoulder joint. Bend your left arm at the elbow, get behind your back and stretch it to the side of the neck. Right hand and bend, get behind your head and point down toward the left. Ideally, you need to throw in the hands of the castle. Crank arm of the upper arm as far as possible behind your head, so deltoids stretch better.

Perhaps this exercise you will not immediately. He can be prepared by stretching both hands alternately. To do this, bend the one hand, push it to the back and pull up towards the neck. Second hand press down on the arm from the bottom, helping to stretch the shoulder muscles. The same thing happened with hand raised above his head put pressure on his elbow down, helping to reach the blades.

Stretching the arms, with emphasis on the wall

Technically similar exercise stretching the broadest muscle of the back wall with an emphasis on stretching lat, with emphasis on the wall. Here’s how Kalutsky brothers advised him to perform:

Place your hands against the wall and try to hold the brush as close to each other. Dimples on the elbows, turn up. Get away kicking back, pull the chin to the neck and start to stretch the shoulders. At this point it will also stretch the lumbar and thoracic spine. Try to bend as much as possible. If not, put it back on the weighting (pancake 5-10 kg) and stand firm.

Exercises to stretch the deltas of the wall

Also for stretching the shoulder muscles famous acrobats Kalutsky recommends another exercise with a focus on the wall, it is very effective for stretch marks not only the deltas, but also back. Do it like this: raise your right hand and rest against it on the wall. Left hand on the right shoulder and pull the shoulder down. Then turn your back to the wall, making a circular motion in the shoulder bone. Try to reach the shoulder of his right hand against the wall. Same again left hand.

An analogue of this exercise is done on the floor. To do this, sit down on the mat, hands somknite the castle behind and drop on the rug. Maximum drag their feet forward, stretching with the muscles of the shoulder joint.

The last exercise – an analogue of the previous one, but it is more traumatic, although more effective. It can perform with a towel or rope. Taking one of these things with both hands at a comfortable distance, zipping his hands above his head, making a rotational movement. Every day the distance between the arms can be reduced.

Remember that you can perform stretching, both before the main workout, and after it. Performing stretching the shoulders , you should feel the tension of muscles and joints, but no pain. Do not overdo it and count his forces. Good luck!