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Physical activity at work or a workout in the hall: whether the effect is equivalent to?

04 Aug

If your work involves physical activity and load, it does not mean that we should shy away from going to the gym and in gym. Trenirovki fiznagruzki at work – these are two different concepts. In fact, none of the mobile work can not replace a visit to the gym.

It is not possible to pump all the muscle groups

Your work can be reduced to monotonous active movement, and every day you’ll perform the same action. Consequently, the only work specific muscle groups, such as the hands or feet. And others do not develop muscle, losing its tone, and pass into the state of relaxation. Because of what can go wrong posture, develop diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Training in a gym involves performing sequential series of specific exercise program. So all the muscles being worked out evenly. The more you can spend more time on it is weak muscles, get rid of bad posture and other body functions to normalize.

actvity at job

The workload can not help in the formation of the body in good shape

It generally can not be missed in order to maintain muscle tone or wasting calories on fat burning. The body can adapt to the stress, and then will not spend a lot of energy to perform all actions.

It is impossible to form a safety during movements

Do not compare your technique movement contravene the “exercises” at work and in the gym. Rather, on the correct execution of movements in the gym depends on your habits carry out similar actions in their daily lives. For example, to raise the bar, while rounding your back, it would be wrong and traumatic to the spine. This exercise should only be done with a flat back. At work or at home you need to lift weights, too, with a flat back and then will save your health.

In the gym you work with a coach or experienced athletes engaged in close, will be able to tell and give valuable advice, and this knowledge is necessary to transfer into everyday life.

This will allow to develop the quality of power and endurance, and improve their life quality, to reduce the risks of household and work injuries.

Inadequate flexibility

This feature of our body is crucial for good health and proper technique of performing physical exercises. If the muscles are much stricter. Then the limited range of motion, and the body can not reveal its full potential.

workout at work


  You can do stretching and house to restore mobility of joints and ensure good posture.



In a change of place of work physical activity can be significantly reduced

Today you are working there, where a lot of moving, and tomorrow in your life everything can change, for example, you will become a sedentary office worker with the type of work.

For smaller movements still retained the habit of eating on the old schedule, which means you get a lot of extra energy and nowhere to spend it.

With regular access to gym no fear of changing jobs, as it will not affect your life. You will be able to continue to spend energy reserves and maintain muscle tone.

Physical activity during work does not bring so much pleasure as during exercise

Active work is not always bring joy, especially at this time of the day do not have time to think about your body, watch the grace and flexibility movements. Your head is full of those teams that gives superior, and a desire to please him, to execute it right.

Hike to the gym – it’s a great way to take a break from work and home. To abstract from the outside world. Devote an hour or two in person yourself. In training your brain a rest and purified from the thoughts. The body is filled with new energy. Even the feeling of tiredness at the end of training will bring joy and a sense of self-satisfaction. Coming from the gym, you feel light and free.

In carrying out the program, you can watch yourself in the mirror to see how the muscle groups. Fix the proper technique of movement. This is an opportunity to see positive changes in your body – to tighten the ass, raised his hands, a smaller waist. How here not to enjoy yourself!

During the warm-up and stretching program directly to the end of the workout. You can focus only on exercises on their muscles and all the body to feel all the action.

Hike to the gym – it is always useful, and then also nice, so do not be lazy to attend training. The main thing – to start.

For forced immobility, for example, during bed rest, in the first 48 hours, muscles lose up to 25% of their volume.
You want to feel better, have more energy, and, perhaps, live longer? I’m sure all sensible people want this. You will not need anything more than an ordinary physical exercise. Believe me, the benefits of physical activity are incredible – from preventing chronic diseases. To losing weight and improving sleep, and it does not matter how old you are.

What your sex is and what your physical abilities are.
The main thing is to try to lead an active life constantly and engage in that kind of physical activity that gives you joy. Everything should be for your own pleasure.
Go in for sports, but without fanaticism. Too much strain worn prematurely the body, which often happens in professional athletes.
And most importantly, sudden overstrain of forces is extremely dangerous for the body.