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The Quality and Patient Safety department at King Hamad University Hospital aims to ensure that KHUH patients receive outstanding care in all aspects of their experience. This is done by developing hospital systems to deliver care based on the most up-to-date medical evidence and the best in technology. Systems are designed throughout the hospital to achieve high quality, efficient processes, strong communication within the clinical team, the most ‘patient-centered’ care possible. Using principles of evidence-based medicine, high-reliability organizations, reducing unnecessary complexity, and focus on patient-centered care, we identify and implement changes to continuously improve.


  • To achieve JCI accreditation.
  • To provide a quality service for KHUH with the major emphasis on positive outcomes and patient satisfaction.
  • To develop a robust quality and patient safety program in keeping with the overall goals of the KHUH.
  • To be as leaders and influence unit on key quality and safety.
  • To develop, support and monitor systems for customer and employees that eliminate risk.
  • To use collaborative methods to monitor the clinical and non- clinical efficiency.
  • To provide continuous support to all hospital units to promote and maintain their quality of work

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