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Our Staff

All the hospital’s employees make sure of putting on their ID cards clarifying their position. This is made to facilitate recognising the names and services provided by the ID holders. 
All members of the hospital staff are required to display their identification card. This is to ensure that patients are able to identify the names of the service providers.

The Medical staff

A medical team works with each consultant, including a senior resident doctor, physician assistants and internships. All such medical staffs are responsible for your care and will decide and discuss with you the treatment options concerned with any examinations required for your case diagnosis and deciding the treatment options available.

The Nursing Staff

The philosophy and principles adopted by the nursing staff are to ensure that patients are provided with the highest standard of safe care. There is a dedicated team of health care providers who work alongside their managers of nursing departments as well as ward managers and their registered nurses. If you have any comments or questions, there will be someone readily available to help you or your family with your care.

Medical & Nursing Students /Trainees

The King Hamad University Hospital is a teaching hospital, for this reason medical and nursing students may sometimes visit the hospital wards as part of their training under the direct supervision of the attending physician or head nurse.  You will be informed in advance if they seek your participation.  If you have any objection to medical students attending your consultation with the Physician, you have the right to decline attendance of the students.  You are under no obligation.