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•    Medication

You should inform the duty nurse or your physician of any medications that you may have brought into the hospital and you will be advised on what to do with them.  You should not take any such medications after your admission without consulting the above mentioned medical staff. You must also inform the duty nurse or your attending physician of any medication you were taking prior to your admission.  This is important and you should mention anything relevant, for example:
  • Prescription medications
  • Over-the-counter medications
  • Vitamins
  • Any health food products
  • Herbal supplements

•    Smoking

In the interest of patient health, fire prevention and provision of clean environment, smoking is prohibited for everyone within the hospital environs.

•    Infection Prevention and Control

Our Infection prevention and control team effectively takes all possible measures to prevent and reduce contamination and the spread of infection through:
o    Use of sterilizing hand gel: It is advised that this is used on exiting elevators and before entering and leaving wards and it is made available at both of these points. Please use this gel to clean your hands before entering the wards to prevent contamination.
o    Washing hands frequently
o    Rooms are cleaned daily and medical instruments are completely sterilized under the supervision of the Department of Infection Prevention and Control.

•    Personal Items

If you have personal items you do not need during your hospital stay, please avoid bringing them. These may include personal effects such as valuables, jewellery, money and extra clothes. In case you are carrying any valuable at the time of admission, kindly hand them over to your attending nurse for safe keeping. A bed-side table is provided for storing any small items you may need at hand.  
If you are admitted to the hospital through the Department of Emergency Medicine, please ask your family to bring your personal items and any medication that you are taking as soon as possible.