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Admission and registration procedures for the emergency medicine department:

Trực tiếp Xổ số Minh NgọcThe Emergency Department provides care to all emergency cases that present to the Hospital. Patients are admitted and treated accordingly. Non-Eligible patients will receive emergency treatment, be stabilized and then transferred to an appropriate facility where they are eligible for continuation of treatment.

Trực tiếp Xổ số Minh NgọcAll patients have to be registered, either with CPR or temporary number. Based on this information a file will be created for the patient. Patients will be seen by the Emergency Physician, treated, referred if required or discharged after treatment. Follow-up appointments might be given to specialty services if needed.

Outpatient & Inpatient Admission

A hospital admission requires the patient’s primary information to be provided at the Patient Admissions Office located on the second floor, along with following documents:
•    Smart card, Hospital ID card or any document to verify identity
•    Marriage Certificate and ID card for pregnant women.

Day care treatment /Simple surgical operations

If the patient receives notification of his/her appointment date to undergo a simple surgery at the Day Care Unit, he/ she should follow the instructions given and will be advised where to go upon arrival in the admissions office.

Written Consent

At the time of admission, patients are required to sign a consent form to have medical examinations, laboratory analyses, necessary required imaging, type of treatment and medical prescriptions, to be carried out along with any other types of treatment and medical care necessary to your case. The signing of an informed  consent form is also required for Surgery, Anesthesia, Pain relief, Blood and blood product transfusion , Admission to Labor ward, Hyperbaric oxygen therapy  any other therapeutic procedures.  Before such procedure the side effects and benefits are explained to you by your attending consultant.
If either you or your family has any questions regarding hospital procedures, please feel free to speak to any of our healthcare staff.

The consent of a parent will be required for any medical treatment for those under eighteen years of age.
If patient is not able to give consent herself/himself the criterion below for authorized people to sign consent should be followed:
1.    Husband
2.    Son (priority to oldest one available or reachable)
3.    Father
4.    Mother
5.    Brother
6.    Grandfather
7.    Grandmother
8.    Daughter
9.    Wife
10.    Sister
11.    Paternal Uncle
12.    Paternal male cousin
13.    Nearest and oldest other male relative as available
14.    Legal representative/ Guardian
15.    When there is no relative available as identified above that are considered the “legal representative” for the patient, the informed consent may be obtained from the “Representative” that is the sponsoring company for the patient or Embassy.