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Ambulance Services: KHUH are determined to provide the best prehospital care services to the Kingdom residents, and particularly in Muhharaq governance.
Description of Services:
  1. Ambulance (Type II): our ambulance fleet are equipped with basic and advanced adult and pediatric life support, to rapidly respond to any call.
  2. Transportation Van: this service is provided to patients who are stable but bed bound, and do not need any monitoring.
  3.  Medivac: the hospital has a helipad to receive patients through helicopter transportation.
Staffing: The ambulance service is run by licensed, trained, and experienced paramedic/nurse staff in the field of prehospital care. Recently we have Bahraini paramedics who joined the service after finishing their training.

How to call for an ambulance from KHUH?
  • To request an ambulance for any emergency from outside the Hospitals, can be done through the phone by dialing emergency call number 999, and the caller will connect it to the KHUH dispatch room.
  • For any inquiries can call: 17444999/17444988