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The department of Paediatric Surgery provides Secondary and Tertiary Level surgical care and is staffed by experienced and caring doctors.

We provide surgical management of children with congenital and acquired diseases who are admitted to KHUH on an elective and emergency basis and work closely with the Dept. of Paediatrics and Neonatology.

Trực tiếp Xổ số Minh NgọcOur services range from full term and preterm neonates to the age of 14 years. We manage a broad variety of surgical conditions, these include:

  • Thoracic surgery (mediastinal masses, congenital pulmonary malformations)
  • Abdominal surgery (Bowel, Pancreas, Spleen)
  • Hepatobiliary surgery (Kasai, Choledochal Cysts, Liver resection)
  • Renal and ureteric abnormalities (Nephrectomy, Pyeloplasty)
  • Tumours (Wilms, Hepatoblastoma, Rhabdomyosarcoma, Neuroblastoma)
  • Neonatal surgery (Necrotising enterocolitis, Jejunal atresia, Tracheoesophageal atresia and Fistula,
  • Omphalocele, Gastroschisis)
  • Anorectal surgery (Imperforate Anus)
  • General pediatric services (Hernias, Orchidopexy, Circumcision, PEG tube, OGD)
  • Oncology and vascular access (Portacath insertion, Excisional biopsy) Trauma