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King Hamad University Hospital Department of Pathology, Blood Bank and Laboratory Medicine help every physician come up with an accurate and reliable diagnosis for a holistic patient centered care and assessment. Laboratory results are linked to the Hospital wide system and cooperates with other specialties to provide a multidisciplinary management and care for a fast and appropriate patient well-being.

The department opened its doors to clients last August 2011 and since then, it has provided physicians thousands of accurate and precise results. It is a well-organized department which follows International Laboratory Standards and Guidelines as well as implements Quality Assurance Programs to provide the physicians and clients accurate, precise and time efficient results.

Efficiency is the key, hence, the department is staffed with more than 50 licensed and experienced Technicians and Physicians. It is divided into different sections for a smooth workflow, these are Anatomic and Cellular Pathology,  Blood Science Department offering Hematologic, Clinical Chemistry and Serologic examinations, Microbiology and Clinical Microscopy, Blood Bank and Molecular Pathology. Each section and specialty provides a wide range of diagnostic tests which are essential to the overall patient care and management.

Anatomic Pathology offers fresh and fixed tissue and cellular examinations and diagnosis, biopsy, immunohistochemistry and special stains. Cellular Pathology ensures appropriate Gynecologic specimen studies as well as Non-gynecologic specimen studies in coordination of Molecular testing, achieving highest screening processes. Results are screened and reviewed by licensed and experienced Pathologists.

Blood Science, which is composed of Hematology, Clinical Chemistry and Serology, provides routine and special examinations. These examinations are performed using state of the art automated machines. The department prides itself as the first laboratory in Middle East to acquire a fully automated and integrated clinical chemistry, hematology and serology systems, allowing standardized and controlled set up for accurate, precise and timely results.

Microbiology and Clinical Microscopy specimens are performed using newest diagnostic equipment providing fast and accurate Bacterial Identification and Antimicrobial Sensitivity results. Clinical Microscopy specimens are performed in a semi-automated and fully automated machines eliminating bias and subjectivity, giving standardized and accurate results.

Blood Bank offers a complete range of services, from donor selection and screening, donor phlebotomy, apheresis, compatibility testing and component preparation. This department offers the first Nucleic Acid Test (NAT) protocol in Kingdom of Bahrain, ensuring a more specific and more sensitive detection of blood borne transmitted viruses, ensuring the safest blood is provided at all times, eliminating or minimizing the occurrence of post-transfusion infections.

Molecular Pathology specimens are tested in a controlled environment using top of the line specific and sensitive Real Time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) machines which gives DNA or RNA Viral Load Counts and Genotyping. The department also provides a quick and reliable DNA and RNA detection for MRSA, MTB, Flu A and Flu B with H1N1 and more, giving results after 2 hours, ideal for emergency and urgent cases.

The department has a well-developed and implemented Quality Assurance Program and is following both Internal and External Quality Assurance Protocols. Participating in the College of American Pathologist (CAP) External Quality Assurance Service and BIORAD Quality Assurance Programs, to ensure proper test validity and performance.”