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Our Mission

Trực tiếp Xổ số Minh NgọcTo provide optimal patient care through team-based clinical practice.

Our Vision
To be a national leader of excellence and innovation in providing quality healthcare and promoting health in the community.

Our Value

Loyalty :
Trực tiếp Xổ số Minh Ngọc We are loyal to our Kingdom, the King and all our stakeholders

Excellence :
Trực tiếp Xổ số Minh Ngọc We continuously strive for excellence and ways to improve the community that we serve.

Teamwork :
We work collaboratively as an integrated team to improve patient health care and patient safety through effective communication.

Quality :
Trực tiếp Xổ số Minh Ngọc We are committed to  provide continuous quality healthcare services that exceed customer’s satisfaction and expectation.

Patient Centered :
We focus on our patients as our first priority and our care is delivered with Compassion, Mutual Respect, Sensitivity, Islamic Beliefs and Cultural Tradition.

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