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Muscle drying program: 4 main rules for a successful outcome

drying muscles
04 Aug

Drying program for an athlete is a complex of measures aimed at achieving this goal – the reduction percentages of body fat and the formation of the maximum expression of relief.

If you are interested in drying, such a system involves performing intense exercise, maintaining a balanced diet and the use of a special set of sports supplements. The result of the passage of the program – a pronounced relief of muscle, removal of subcutaneous fat.


Fat splitting processes are very energy-consuming, and if the body does not have enough glucose, then flow goes glycogen from the muscles, and after that only use fat cells.

Drying your muscles without harm to health

Given the specifics of our place in the body of biochemical reactions, the four key missions are formed before the athlete:

1. Dry the muscles so as not to harm health;

2. Start lipofiznye processes;

3. Do not allow dehydration, otherwise happen ketone departure;

4. Save the former muscle volume.

The right diet plan

That all four items were realizable, should carefully plan meals on drying. Within the prescribed diet need to eat lean meat, fish and seafood, eggs, fresh vegetables and fruit, cereal – oatmeal, buckwheat, Pshenko, corn, bean fruit, eat low-fat dairy products.

Good nutrition – is the key to good health and physical activity, athlete, and during drying it is especially important to achieve the goals. The body needs vitamins and minerals, and it can receive them only from the quality of food. Otherwise, the deficit of useful trace elements leads to depletion of the body, to the fact that he can not withstand intense training.

Even if the planned program of drying for the girls, it does not relieve us from the observance of basic rules. In fact, the athlete without separation sexual functioning identically, and in this case the same goals are pursued. For both sexes, it is important to comply with all the requirements and application of the diet, otherwise you can harm the body.

muscle drying

What sports supplements are needed for drying

Speaking of sports supplements that are recommended for use during drying should be mentioned are:

1. Whey protein.

Is an essential element in the sports nutrition sector, as it provides good relief drawing of all the muscles. The use of this substance allows the protein to replenish the stock in the body and need to take it in the morning after waking up, before training and after its completion.

Among the best brands offering protein isolate on the market, there are brands like Dymatize Nutrition, MHP, BSN, Optimum Nutrition, Ultimate Nutrition.

2. BCAA amino acids

Supplements containing BCAAs amino acids necessary to inhibit catabolic reactions and maintaining muscle size.

The use of this product can reduce hunger and strengthen muscle fibers.

Take before and after workouts.

3. Creatine .

To restore muscle properties – endurance, strength, energy, creatine is used. It is recommended to use it directly before training.

4. Weight loss .

With their help, the drying is efficient and productive as possible. The muscles become more relief, and all the fat go away from under the skin.

Almost a “carbohydrate” diet

That very strict diet. There will not be any problems, there will not be a single piece of chocolate a week, only a strict rejection of carbohydrates. Naturally, we switch to a non-carbohydrate diet gradually, the abrupt disappearance of all carbohydrates from the diet threatens great troubles, both for your body and for your brain activity.

So, give up carbohydrates slowly. First, we exclude all sweet and fast food: buns, cakes, big-tiesti, forget about it all once and for all. That is, we give up fast carbohydrates. At this stage, you can eat a little bread, pasta or porridge. This period should last about 1 week. This week, you should not eat more than 3 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of your own weight.

The next week will be even more difficult. We deduce from the diet all flour products, from carbohydrates we leave only porridges: buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barley. This stage will last a little more than the previous one, about 2 weeks. By the end of the second week, try to consume carbohydrates only in the first half of the day, and only slow (eat for breakfast a bowl of oatmeal, for example). At this stage, use 2 grams of carbohydrates per kilogram of body weight.

Next month, after the preparatory three weeks, we consume carbohydrates in the amount of 1 gram per one kilogram of your weight, except for a small amount of vegetables. Your diet should consist entirely of protein foods: meat, eggs, cottage cheese, fish, milk, kefir. A diet for body drying for girls, always implies a calorie deficit, that is, you consume calories less than you spend.