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04 Aug

Today’s material will be entirely devoted to the topic of muscle growth: why, how, what are the principles and so on. It is important to assimilate the information and to understand the principles of how the muscles start to grow, and only then to develop a variety of methods and techniques, exercises and remember to take notes for themselves with respect to different training programs .

Let’s start from the beginning: the relationship of the CNS and muscle growth

Among athletes (especially beginners), the most popular question is considered to be the muscle growth process. By popularity it second only to issues relating to the pumping of certain muscle groups. The question, as they say, and a favorite on everyone’s lips, and then replies to it should be detailed and explicit. Yes, in theory, all that way only truisms work for everyone in different ways. And the reason – banal reluctance to delve into the technological heart of the matter (with the help of which mechanisms of muscle growth occurs). We’ll try all this in detail to understand.muscles

As stated in the basic postulates, the muscles begin to rise when:

  • Going to work with basic exercises (ie, in the training process includes polyarticular exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, bench press, etc.);
  • Ensure rational diet (to grow muscles, you must consume a lot of protein, often eating (up to 6 times per day), to include in the diet of water, minerals and vitamins );
  • Provided needed rest (sleep) in sufficient quantity, which runs all the regenerative processes in the body.


And, apparently, everyone knows these truths, and nothing fundamentally new about them. Then why in the hall there is such a variety: some look very inspiring, and someone – to put it mildly, “gracefully.” Is to blame genetics? To some extent yes. But apart from her, there is another important detail that helps make skinny ectomorph (which at the genetic level, there is virtually no susceptibility to muscle recruitment), this powerful athlete.

The name of this part – neurophysiology. Other mechanisms, in fact, more than not, because we eat approximately the same, number of hours of sleep you need, and also raise the severity with approximately equal weight.

It is the central nervous system is the trigger for all the processes of the brain neurostimulation, which instructs the body to react to certain effects in a certain way.

If you move this postulate is to bodybuilding, you get the following: how much would you not practiced in the hall, the muscles will adapt to any load, so to maximize the effect of their need to periodically drive the shock. Moreover, the “shock impact” should it fall on the central nervous system, which will launch the mechanisms of muscle growth. can be called the most popular methods of influence are:

  • Increased exercise intensity;
  • Changing exercise circuits;
  • Increased exercise duration;
  • The use of protein supplements ;
  • Increasing the operating weight is used.

But here, after some time, the rate of muscle growth will fall.muscle grow

Topics progressive load, CNS excitability, and so we will discuss next time, as long as we have enough to remember and how important the central nervous system in the process of muscle growth. First you need to deal with issues of muscle anabolism angle occurring in her cell processes.

Which affects the amount of muscle: the factors contributing to the growth of

In one of the previous material we have examined in detail the question of catabolism and anabolism. So now you know in detail the mechanism of the process of muscle growth when, after intensive exercise in the recovery process, they increase (in supercompensation).

Let us now take a closer look every factor that affects the growth and muscle volume.

The number of muscle fibers and their cross-section

You already know that the muscles are made up of 2 types of fiber:

  • Which quickly cut;
  • Which reduced slowly.

The differences between them are many, the most important of which is that the latter will never reach the volumes first. The total amount of muscles depends on how much of the sarcoplasmic fills the volume between myofibrils (muscle structural elements).

Important : in the sarcoplasmic includes:

  • Globular proteins;
  • salt;
  • Glycogen.

100 grams of muscle contains from 3 to 5 grams of glycogen, though 1g 2.5g glycogen can hold liquid (water).

So the ability of muscle fibers to store glycogen is perfectly amenable to training.

Here is another important aspect that determines the speed and the possibility of muscle growth. All muscle fibers, or rather their beams are fascia (comparable to the case for the muscle fibers). Their stiffness and dependent full potential for growth. For example, the rigid fascia constrain growth, soft – on the contrary. rigidity indicators are directly dependent on what kind of a cross-section in the capillaries and a number of them.

Muscles also respond to all physical activities increase their weight, as well as the cross-section. Also, do not forget that at the same time dramatically increases the load amount of blood in the muscles (almost 16 times as compared to the rest). All this contributes to increase the rate of metabolic processes in muscle that leads to their growth.

So, let’s interim results. Remember, in the amount of muscle and their growth potential is influenced by such factors as:

  • The thickness of the muscle fibers (transverse);
  • Kind of fibers (slow or fast);
  • The number of muscle fibers;
  • Firmness fascia, which are muscle fibers;
  • The available number of sarcoplasmic;
  • The number of blood vessels in the muscle fibers.

And efforts to be maximally effective, one must also keep in mind:

  • Central nervous system;
  • Neuromuscular innervation;
  • metabolism;
  • hormones;
  • Fortress joints and ligaments, and tendons.

Who’s Who: powerlifter vs bodybuilder

You probably know that the basic exercises in bodybuilding came from another discipline called powerlifting. And let the names and nature of exercise remained the same, except that the approaches to their implementation vary considerably. As a result, the volume and quality of the muscles, as well as their proportions are very different.

Exclusively “bodybuilding” can be called a workout that:

  • Require 8-12 reps;
  • Performed with weights whose weight is about 70% of a single maximum;
  • Require rest between sets (about 1-2 minutes).

You must have heard of such a reception as Pumping , when the muscles are maximally bloodshot. So it is only “bodybuilding” characteristic of the training process. I lifters other equipment: 3-6 reps range, weight lifting can be 80-100% of the maximum one-time, rest time – 5-7 minutes.