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Physical discipline: fitness, bodybuilding, powerlifting

powerlifting vs fitness
04 Aug

Concepts such as powerlifting, fitness and bodybuilding are familiar even to those who are in the sport is not relevant. But accurately characterize these concepts not everyone can.

To achieve any problems in physical health, it is necessary to find out what is the features and characteristics of each of the disciplines. Knowing this, you can make the most optimal training schedule. Yes, and for the overall development will be useful to know this information.

Dismantle what is fitness .

what is fitnessEveryone in the school years, the classroom exercises, perform a series of simple exercises designed to strengthen the body growing up. So, fitness is also important in general, but includes a wider range of occupations.

In most cases, fitness is associated with aerobics or gym, that’s not entirely true. This discipline applies to any regular physical activity, which contributes to improvement of the body, promote and maintain in good shape. Ie, swimming, cycling and even a morning exercise can be attributed to the discipline.

Since recently fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle, fitness popularity is increasing every day. There was plenty of directions, but the priorities are the same for everyone. The main place is occupied by health, no less important beauty of the body, as well as the presence of a competitive element.

The main areas of physical fitness and overall feel. The latter implies a harmonious relationship of body and soul. More precisely – the right mode, a healthy diet and sleep, yoga and meditation.

Fitness has five main objectives:

  • raising and support flexibility and plasticity of the whole body (Pilates)
  • endurance, which promotes aerobic,
  • increase muscle strength (pampas)
  • maintaining the balance between muscle and fat tissues (callanetics)
  • promotion of health of the cardiovascular system.

Mostly fond of fitness, are women, not only young, but also in life.

Bodybuilding – a serious discipline.

The name itself speaks about the purpose of employment – the construction of a beautiful body. More precisely, bodybuilding can be described as a conversation with your body, painstaking work on every detail.

bodybuilding what isThe effectiveness of training depends not only on the quality of available muscles, but also on perseverance and literacy. For every bodybuilder’s priority is the beauty of the body, but also no less important health and sports interest.

The main principle of training is – a big load and a lot of time training. But in order to start working on the details, it is necessary first stage, during which there is an active operating time basis with the help of strength training. Classes are held about three times a week, during which the following polyarticular exercises. It is necessary to make two to four sets of 8-10 reps.

But the second stage already implies completion of each centimeter of muscle. Work on it goes from five to seven days a week. For each muscle group selected five exercises are performed in 3-4 divided doses up to 12 repetitions.

A special place in bodybuilding takes – food. Calories and micronutrients should be sufficient and complete. For greater effect, possible to use a sports food, which is produced in the form of powders and mixtures thereof.

Additionally, supporters of this discipline, involved strengthening the cardiovascular system, the so-called drying treatments in the solarium.

Powerlifting – the most severe discipline 

If you literally translate the name, it will “force” and “lift”. The main objective here is – the maximum possible increase in the force, tractive effort. Basic exercises – basic. Use free weight, and use all possible muscles. Such exercises like deadlifts, bench press and squats with it, just what fits best. The results are then compared the participants. High score and low weight will determine the winner.

what is powerliftingMeet powerlifter who is engaged in it professionally, can only be in the competition, in conventional gyms do not. This is due to the fact that in the audience there is no element of competition, and hence the interest in such a place there.

As has become clear, in the first place it is always the opportunity to prove their superiority in strength. Then to the health and beauty of the body.

powerlifter classes have significant differences from the already discussed subjects. All work is working out of three exercises and their endless repetition. Other exercises they are not used. As a rule, repeat the exercise is not more than three times, often do one approach. But this approach carries with MPW and surrounded by a large number of fears.

That the results have been impressive, the athlete should focus as much as possible during the exercise, as the risk of injury is very high, and this may lead to the rejection of training for a long time. On vacation and need more time, in some cases up to ten minutes.

Difficulties in supply during class no weightlifting. Thus, there is no need to maintain or achieve a bump or dried body.

Now it is very clear what constitutes fitness, bodybuilding and powerlifting, and any differences between them they have.

What to choose – bodybuilding, fitness or weightlifting?

Choosing the most suitable method for constructing a beautiful and healthy body, it is necessary first of all guided by its task. Among the most common desire to lose weight, put in its proper form of the physical condition of the body, improve muscle tone and gain energy and force in the right quantity. In addition, the touch up on the idea of ​​the beginning of classes may wish to become more resilient, powerful and desire to modify the muscles that are somewhat behind.

For other beginners incentive is the desire to build a beautiful relief of the body, attracts the eye and admiration of the opposite sex.

Precisely define their aspirations, it will become clear what discipline will yield maximum results and effective to use.

In general, there is no need to become a professional athlete in your chosen field. Heavy loads, hard mode, not everyone will be able to endure, even if the goals are very welcome. To maintain physical health will be quite moderate, but regular work on yourself. Then, if all goes well, we can think about the profession.

For the majority of the fair sex, the best option will be the fitness classes. Men fit classes in the gym bodybuilding. But no one stops to try his hand in other disciplines. good protein snacks bodybuilding hulkbody labs meal plan for bodybuilders