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Lose weight with the help of interval running

interval running
04 Aug

The effect of the training, which will remain for a long time after it – is not a dream any dreams to lose weight? Interval running just gives such an opportunity!

Interval running – running a special, its “unusual” you will feel almost immediately. The essence of this run is that we briefly give the body a greater load, resulting in burn glycogen stores and begin to get rid of the actual fat!

Interval running

For weight loss interval run – it’s just a godsend, because its effect lasts long after the workout itself. That is why many experts believe such training is much more effective than, for example, And though during the interval running as an energy source are not used fats and carbohydrates, the acceleration of metabolic processes in the body can be extended to two days, and this in turn requires more energy. In addition to burning fat, interval training strengthens muscles, adds you strength and body – stamina!

Interval running to burn fat

If you have problems with the heart and blood vessels, first make a visit to the cardiologist, but if you are healthy – you are welcome!

The most common form of interval training – running it. Typically intervals measured in run no stopwatch, a distance which is set relative to the length of the tasks. If you want to develop the strength and power of your choice – it’s a short distance from 100 to 400 meters. If you need to become tougher, choose long – up to several kilometers. Amateurs should start with 400 meters, running at almost maximum speed (approximately 80% of the running intervaltotal force) straight sections of the road and passing on foot rounded.

Over time, the feeling that your stamina increases, increase the speed with the number of laps that you ‘navernete “for one interval workout running to burn fat. As soon as you will be on the back of 4-6 laps, increase the distance of a range of 200 meters, and the speed in the high-intensity intervals, so be near maximum. Home is your goal – to learn how to run the whole track in the 400 m at the maximum speed.!

“It’s great – you might say – but where to get into the city under a special track?” Really, where? A great alternative may be an interval running on a treadmill . In this case, the intensity intervals regulated by the speed of the track itself and its angle of ascent.

It is possible and does not bother to conditions for interval running. Take in a simple way: find any more or less flat area in the open air (and will approach the park and boulevard), run a couple of hundred meters slowly, warm up the muscles, tune, then accelerate to as much as is possible for you. Try to give everything 100, run minute or 5 minutes to physically feel the shortage of oxygen. Now reduce your “speed”, but in any case do not stop completely. Next, go back to running, but at an average speed. Last interval must be longer than twice than the “intense interval”. Then you can re-accelerate to the maximum and so on. The more you train in an interval running to burn fat,

By the way, you can run and at home – and even without the treadmill. Yes, running in place , too, can make the interval. At maximum load as high as possible lift the knees or legs backward sweeping.

But remember, no matter where you doing interval running for weight loss, it is necessary to always follow the plan: first warm-up , followed by a heavy load, after – easy run, then – the average load and the peak again!

The main thing in the sport, whatever it was, listen to yourself and your body. If you feel some discomfort, it is better to arrange a break, and then set to work with renewed vigor. And remember that the interval running – all Begum running! It helps cardio to burn fat , do outline your figure sexy and strengthen the overall body. Run for your figure, you do it by force!