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How to build your triceps

train triceps
04 Aug

Before you begin to describe all the features of exercise triceps, it is necessary to emphasize the importance of this muscle. The total weight of the hand triceps is 2/3, which means – the bulk of the arms depends on the inflated triceps. Became interesting? Then we continue.

Since the triceps – it is a small muscle group, then here comes to the fore machinery. Proper execution of all exercises can give the maximum effect. What is important when training the triceps?

  1. Be sure to exclude the work of other muscle groups. As an example, the wrong bench or dips narrow grip pumped breast, but do not affect the triceps. This is the most common mistake.
  2. An understanding of the structure of the triceps, to understand what a bunch of muscles under any circumstances work. Usually athletes ship only the middle and the outer head, almost without developing long head.

Only the knowledge and observance of technology will not spray the load, and direct it to the desired part of the triceps, but it needs a closer look at the structure of small, but important muscles.

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Features of the structure of the triceps

Triceps muscle consists of three beams that are closer to the elbow taper and merge into one tendon. Due to this structure, it plays a major role in this group of muscles – extension at the elbow. If you say in general terms, that any exercise to a certain extent and with varying load always affects all three beam. The main reason – the different mounting points on top.

Typically, difficulties arise with the pumping of the long head of the triceps, as it is fixed to the blade. So, for the maximum load required elbow during the exercise retract. When the first load starts medium beam muscles, while increasing the weight of the projectile causes included in the outer (lateral) part of the work of muscles, and only as a last resort “aid” comes a long beam triceps. But it is the length of the head is the most solid part of the triceps, and so you need to try to develop it was her.

Since we are more interested in a long bundle of muscles, then look at the main factors that makes it work:

  • Exercises should include removal of the hands back or even the need to start the hand upstairs (for example – the French press).
  • The higher working projectile weight, the greater part of loading long triceps.
  • It is important to keep the elbows close to the body.
  • You need to exercise to involve the shoulder joint. For his constant loads frequently used the French press, which is carried out lying down, holding his hands in a starting position at an angle to the head.
  • Better at the exercises to keep the shell palms up, or more load will be transferred to the outer triceps.

It is important during training with the load on the shoulder joint does not lift the weight all over. If the selected physical weight is not suitable, then jerks can only provoke injury. You can not do until the end of another approach – select a lower weight.

We recommend that training starts with basic exercises, laying out fully in their implementation (bench press with a narrow grip or dips). Then, when an isolate exercise the triceps will already be warmed up and did not need to use a weight that can cause injury. But now for the description of the basic techniques of solving the question of how to pump up the triceps.

Basic exercises for the triceps

List of the most effective exercises includes 5 exercises:

  • dips
  • bench press, narrow grip
  • French bench press
  • French bench sitting / standing
  • extension arms on the block

This list shows how basic exercises and insulation (only affect a specific group of muscles).


Basic exercise that is recommended to put in the beginning of a workout on your triceps. When the body is important to keep straight, not leaning forward. If in the process of elbows diluted in hand, the load will go to the outer triceps, while the elbows close to the body – long load (the most important) part of the muscle. Required at the top completely straighten the arms to remove a bend in the elbow.

Bench press narrow grip barbell lying

The basic exercise is recommended to perform at the beginning of the workout. Do not forget the obligatory warm-up, as there is a risk of injury – working projectile weight for this exercise is usually the biggest among other exercises for the triceps. It is desirable to conduct training on a bench with a negative slope that will give a greater effect, since the load will go to less delta.

When the grip is to be shoulder-width apart, and elbows close to the body as possible. If elbows dissolve more – load “spill over” to the outer triceps.

French bench press

Isolated exercise with the load on the elbow. If the lowest point it at the level of the nose or forehead – external works the triceps, while lowering his head – long triceps. The projectile must take his hands up to load our core muscles, otherwise it will work the outer part. Rules about placing elbows are similar: the closer to the body, the better for the long bundle of muscles.train triceps

French bench sitting / standing

Another isolated exercise. As an exception – will be optimal grip, palms down. Mindful of the elbow – the closer, the better we are interested in is load with muscle. Exercise can be without weights, using dumbbells 1-2 at their own discretion. How to make a choice? On their own feelings, with the better “is” so and use.

Extension arms on the block

Isolation exercises. It is convenient because it allows you to choose the convenient location of standing body, and the grip can be any (if appropriate pens provided). Question elbows arrangement is similar to all the previous exercises – the closer to the body, the better.

To summarize

We hope that now you have an understanding of the importance of triceps in the amount of hands. You znete its structure and the most effective exercises. It remains only to act, and to remember that the regularity of workouts – the engine of progress!