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What is a superset

how to do superset
04 Aug

On such a reception in training as a superset probably heard by many, but it is up to the end hardly understand anything.Today we will talk about what is a superset, it is performed and what is needed.

Superset , an athlete means performing two exercises without resting in a row on the muscle – antagonists (which are side by side, but are designed to perform opposite functions).

Examples of antagonist muscles – biceps with triceps: the first arm bends at the elbow, while the second extends the. The pectoral muscles are pushing hands, and latissimus dorsi pull them. Such pairs of muscles in our body a lot.

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Superset and comprehensive set

It is often confused with the complex superset set. Let’s see! Many people wrongly believe that any two exercises that are done without pause this superset. That’s the difference from an integrated set supersets:

  •  Supersets done on the muscles antagonists
  • COMPREHENSIVE SET it is on the same muscle

For example: if the first superset will make lifting barbell biceps, and then immediately the French press. Complex set – if after curls with a barbell to do lifting dumbbells for biceps.

Some young athletes in supersets combine exercises for the muscles that are far from each other and have completely different functions in their anatomy. EXAMPLE unsuccessful combinations – compound squats and prone bench press bar. This happens due to lack of understanding of the process that occurs in the body when performing supersets – providing the blood pumping in a certain part of the body. Simultaneously pump the blood in the chest and legs is not possible, and from this training will not be any good. So do not forget: in the superset can only combine exercises for the muscles-antagonists.

How is the superset

Technically perform superset easy: you just have to connect the two exercises into one and without rest to fulfill it. When one Super Series is completed, you need a little break, and then you can start a new Super Series.


  • after the lifting barbell biceps, you can immediately begin to carry out extension arms on the block – is an example of supersets on the antagonist muscles;
  • After benching rod lying immediately begin lying dumbbell raise – this is an example of working with the same group of muscles.

When you run for one muscle group a few supersets (example – antagonists biceps and triceps) muscles of your hands will increase in volume and solidify. But this is only observed at first, soon the muscles will decrease and will take the previous level that was before the pump. An effect similar to Pumping .

do superset


Training days:
Training time:
1:00 hour
Objective:Increased strength
Body Type:Any

Which requires supersets

The main reasons for the use of supersets on training :

  • faster recovery of muscles during exercise. This is because the muscles are utilize in a superset – antagonists. Scientists have found that when it gets tired muscles a small load (for example, when working the biceps triceps), then she recovers quickly. It turns out that your muscles will quickly become ready for a new approach.
  • greater supply of nutrients to the muscles. Upon termination load muscle blood begins to drain from the muscle and with it the oxygen and nutrients. But due to the fact that the muscle is activate during the next exercise in the superset to the muscle-antagonist, the blood continues to supply nutrients.

If you do the same exercise, they start to bother you. Muscles get used to, and nothing new is happening to them. Supersets – a great way to add variety to their training. In addition, they allow you to save time. This is especially handy if the person to complete the training does not have enough time and intends to exercise quickly and dynamically.

How to use in training supersets

Performing superset, do not chase the weight. Whenever bulk training can choose the operating weight such that all technically possible to perform repetition and approaches. You can hang a variety of pancakes and give up after a single approach to supersets. The effect of this will not have any. Volume training shakes up your muscles and gives them a new stimulating growth, forcing a new adaptation.

Do supersets often is not: they will work worse. For one muscle group superset optimally perform every week or two. You yourself and your muscles have to have time to recover, as the higher intensity workouts such methods provides a powerful stress the muscles and nervous system.

In their training, supersets can be use at a time when you seek-burning excessive fat and weight loss during drying and during a stage set of muscle mass and strength.

When drying is necessary to force the body to burn calories more than what he gets. The most important element in this case – a diet, but not only this. Do not do without the proper training. Training with iron spend a lot of energy, but the inclusion in the training program will help supersets more intensive use of energy as you train more efficiently, without pausing.

Rest between exercises in the superset

how to do supersetIn addition to training it is very important to restore oragizma and proper nutrition. Whatever your purpose of receiving the supplement will help achieve Snack it! Come to our store sports nutrition .

Such trisety and giant sets

In these scary-sounding names is nothing special. Triset – it’s just a triple superset in which the three exercises are performe in succession. That’s all the difference.


Supersets, which you now know are in bodybuilding excellent reception. They diversify your workouts and make them more interesting. With their help, becoming more intense workouts, supersets help how to increase muscle mass and achieve weight loss.