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What is drop sets and how to use them

drop sets
04 Aug

One of the best intensive techniques ever used in bodybuilding to stimulate muscle growth, are considered to be a drop-sets.

Drop-Seth called special method, comprising: performing approach exercise almost to capacity, after which the burdening weight decreases, and with it, has a reduced load continues execution of the exercise. This method developed Genri Atkinson, editor of “Body Culture” in 1947. Since the explosive technique as has been called: strip sets, triple drop-sets, decreasing sets, etc.

 Purpose drop-sets – increase in muscle size. The strength does not increase them, power and speed – the same, but if the goal – to obtain lean muscle, it is – the perfect way.

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How to work the muscles in the performance drop-sets

Imagine that you pick up the biceps 40-kilogram bar. Tenth repetition is difficult to perform, the 11th was given very hard, and the 12th brought you to the limit. 13th to perform is simply impossible, even shot. You modified to “honest” failure. But if on top of the bar to remove 15-20 percent, you can do a few more reps.drop sets

Consider what happens a little bit more. If after 12 reps you reach muscular failure, it is not an absolute failure. It can be called positive, and the muscles are ready to continue the approach if the weight will be reduced. The fact that the ordinary, to refusal to comply with the approach does not use all the muscle fibers of the loaded muscle groups. Used only the required amount of fiber, which raise the desired number of times a certain weight.

When you reduce the weight and continue to do the exercise, then in this case to involve an increasing number of spare muscle fibers. Due to the drop-sets to become more active, “stubborn” muscle fibers, which are starting to grow, so that when you make the conventional approach of 6-12 repetitions virtually impossible to achieve.

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Creative methodology drop-sets

Arnold Schwarzenegger is actively used in his training technique drop-sets. In particular thanks to him the technique of training became popular, and now it can be found in any gym. Here are some of the most interesting and common ways to perform drop-sets.

1. Drop-sets with a barbell

Arnold Shvartsenegger often used this method when the curl, but it is possible to use it in other exercises with a barbell. The meaning of – to use several non-severe pancakes on the bar instead of one heavy. Let’s say you reap lying 50-kilogram bar. Grif weighs 20 kg, and is put on each side of the three 5-kg disk. Fine-tuned to capacity, it is necessary to remove each side of one disc – now the weight of 40 kg, and work to failure again. Then, removing one more disc, pressing 30-pound barbell until the last fault. It is important to only select the right set of discs – with each side to put not one 15-pound drive, and three five-kilogram.

2. Drop-sets to block simulators

Removal of pancakes with the rod without the help of a partner is complex and lengthy, so if you are doing it alone, it is more convenient to perform drop-sets to block simulators where simply rearrange the pin to the desired weight. The rate of change in weight increases the intensity of the approach.

3. Drop-sets with dumbbells.

With the dumbbells to perform drop-sets are convenient. Only one must not stray too far from the racks of dumbbells to easily change the load. Try this technique in training biceps, or deltas – arms and shoulders pumped up like balloons.

4. Compressed drop-sets

Compressed drop set is a weight loss of 5-20%. When the weight is reduced slightly, the approach becomes harder and harder. Commonly used this type of drop-sets for smaller muscle groups.

5. Wide drop-sets

In these exercises, weight is much reduced by approximately 30%, thus increasing the number of repetitions. Such drop-sets are good for large muscle groups.drop-sets

6. Drop-set 50%

This method is also called “halving” or “6-20”. It uses two different reps range of different effects on the muscle cell. Muscle mass is growing incredibly fast. You must select a weight that will perform no more than 6 reps, after which the weight is reduced by half, and do another 20 reps.

7. Powerful drop-sets

These exercises adored Larry Scott, the first Mr. Olympia. He developed a vast delta, and the hands, believing that the best way to do this – a small number of repetitions with a heavier weight. By limiting the number of repetitions to 6, can double reduce weight by 10-15%, repeating the exercise even by 6 times.

8. Increasing drop-sets (12/06/20) and decreasing (12-8-4-2)

Increasing drop-sets provide a reduction in weight to be able to significantly increase the number of repetitions. With the largest weight is performed 6 repetitions, then reset 25-30%, and the exercise is repeated 10-12 times. After the next weight reduction for the same 25-30% can do 15-20 repetitions.

Decreasing drop-sets resemble compressed. Operating weight decreased slightly, 5-10 percent, whereby every-drop a set number of repetitions decreases. In this case, three lose weight and perform 10-12, 6-8, 4-6 and 2 repetition respectively.

9. Drop-sets with a change in position of the legs and grip

This method can encompass several groups of muscles – at the expense of some exercises, slightly changing the point of load concentration. When “feet zhimah” load may be concentrated on the medial, lateral, intermediate muscle or hamstrings and buttocks – is determined by how you place your feet on the platform. You can start with the approach of 6-12 times, placing in the middle legs shoulder-width apart. Then, to lose weight, you can put your feet shoulder-width high up on the platform and do another 6-12 reps. Again subtract the goods, put your feet together at the bottom of the platform, and again do 6-12 repetitions. Recently, weight dropping, feet turned outward and the toes are widely – in this state of affairs last 6-12 presses. Total three drop-set, four different cargo and four legs position – from a thigh workout will be shocked).

10. Zero drop-sets

This method relates to the very difficult, and many tend to avoid it. In these embodiments, a drop-set between weight change at all no time to rest. That such a drop-sets to organize, require two assistants. Doing leg presses, you usually get up, take off the weight from one side, then the other, and sit in the simulator again. For 10 seconds of rest muscles begin selection of lactic acid and recovery of energy reserves.

If you help the two friends, you will turn the original “zero” drop-sets, where you do not have to add to the load weight of the locking levers. Continuous tension between the drop-sets make training one of the most difficult in my life.

11. Drop-sets rest-pause

This method is completely the opposite of zero drop-sets. On vacation here will have 15 seconds and you can throw off the weight slowly, gathering strength for heavy loads. With this method, are utilized remote fiber deep and growing force.

12. Drop-supersety

Drop-sets are recognized in bodybuilding best technique and the second place is occupied by supersets . Drop-supersets thus combines two of the most effective methods of bodybuilding. Acts this way: choose two exercises, for example, it can be deltas “side lifting dumbbells” and “dumbbell presses while sitting.” Repeat side rises to a maximum weight of 8-12 times, quickly go to the bench press with dumbbells slightly reduced weight and do more reps of 8-12. Return ascents to the side with a lower weight, then again take dumbbells and easier to navigate zhimam. Again run side-ups, weight loss, refusal to work, and then continues bench sitting, too, with a reduced weight. All this is in fact one approach, after which you can deservedly relax a couple of minutes.

Rules of Application drop-sets

Here are some useful tips that can help you achieve the intensity of use of drop-sets:

  • minimum rest

Between the change of weight typically extends from zero to ten seconds. Even making a heavy drop-sets, you need to rest very short time. Reducing time intervals between changes in weight allows drop-sets to make more effective and intense.

  • Prepare equipment

For a quick transition from a large weight to a reduced need to properly prepare all the equipment for exercise. For example, the post does not need to load large disks, a smaller weight to 5 or 10 kg. If you are going to do with dumbbells triple top sets, all three pairs of dumbbells should be prepared and put in advance.