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6 beginners mistakes in bodybuilding

04 Aug

Everyone among us is constantly trying to learn something, to gain invaluable experience, but sometimes make mistakes. Which by the way are not associated with the correct execution of various exercises, and specific patterns of thought that have developed before the first visit to the hall.

It was the case when we are together talking about the culture of the gym , or rather, what overt and covert rules are to be observed. Perhaps today’s material will belong to the same direction. Unfortunately, many people adhere to unproven advice, and more specifically, are beginning to be mistaken in some things, which subsequently can significantly slow down the growth of muscles, if time does not understand. Let’s look at common mistakes.bodybuilding

№1. Training programs from recognized stars

Newcomers are sent often enough in the hall as well-read, especially when it relates to children aged 14-18. And they do not say, having studied the training program what some stars up and down, they try to apply it to themselves, working almost to the loss of pulse.

But this should not be done strictly in view of the fact that:
generally bodybuilders make flexible programs that are not subsequently adjusted once. Therefore, it is unlikely you can find a really competent program to recruit the masses or for drying, just rummaged in runet;
• Each program was originally designed for a particular person, under its constitution, the daily routine and more. What great one, can bring harm to others;
• absolutely all athletes, professional speakers, no longer do without a variety of steroids, which allow to achieve great results. Man, eat natural, these results are unlikely to be available.

Conclusion. No matter how much you tried to do, and how long would not be your workout with the correct use of food, similar to the results of professional athletes you will not reach.

№2. More – does not mean better

Muscles grow exclusively on the load, that is, they need to be. And that growth has been more effective, it is necessary to shake them vigorously and continuously. This is not true!

Most people who are trying as soon as possible to pump up the fly, just do not leave the room. You have come to the gym – he does, you’re going home – and he still stayed there. On another day, you can observe a similar picture. bodybuilding novice

If we injure them constantly, time to healing simply will not, and therefore recover from them will not work. In addition the body can not withstand such loads and fall into the so-called catabolic stress when suppressed growth processes, stray upset and hormonal function.

Conclusion. In this case, at the initial stage it will be better shortage than brute force.

If you do not know how many workouts per week will be optimized specifically to you, read this article.

No. 3. Beer is a complex carbohydrate

Many love the beer. Everyone knows that it contains hops, artesian water, barley, as well as a large number of carbohydrates, which are so necessary to restore energy after a long workout. Sheer nonsense actually, and quite unclear where it came from.

And to get to the hospital after drinking a beer after exercise is not difficult. In training the autonomic system of each experiencing incredible stress, because it surpasses the blood in large volumes from one location to another muscle. The blood flow in the muscle is able to grow up to twenty times, and the heart is a major jog muscle, which is responsible for circulating blood. Think of the load it is experiencing, and if more and consume a beer after a workout

Conclusion: try not to drink beer (despite its carbohydrate parameters) and other spirits not only after training, but also in general life.

№4. Train to measure student

You can safely assume that it is a continuation of the second paragraph, because many training in the hall – a kind of panacea, curing from all – studies, family, girl, work, or home.

Conclusion. Do not focus on yourself some training. Over time, will all just need to work patiently and not to exhaust your body, as if under duress.

№5. Bodybuilding – a solid chemistry

Many people believe that if a person is able to pump up muscles healthy – he chemist takes a variety of illegal means by which male power tends to zero. Here the main problem is the understanding that everything is different from a simple food. The newcomers begin to equate to steroids. And there is no difference for them, whether it’s creatine or protein is the easiest, if not the chicken, just means that some kind of chemistry.

This is a misconception, because the sports nutrition and various dietary supplements provide the body a source of building material for the replenishment of energy and muscle growth, which is easy to digest. But steroids are a frontal attack – is a blow below the belt, absolutely violates all the hormonal plan. They only provide the most accurate way of reproductive dysfunction in men.

Conclusion. Sports nutrition and various steroids – they are completely different things that need to be distinguished.

№6. Weight is everything

Of course, many newcomers confidently think that weight is everything. In part, this is true, because for the full growth of muscle requires a constant progressive weight, but at the level of this technique should not suffer. However, the technique is not just suffering often enough, and it generally does not. Novices in every way possible, let this be true or not true, trying to squeeze the bar, in order to show that it is their very strength.

Conclusion. The weight, of course, decide the proper technique but without any result and can not be.

№7. I itself, and does not need anyone

Beginners quite shy people, so they are often shunned by other people in the room. There are times when you want to do one more repetition, but the muscle can no longer. And the bar is already beginning to press you, what to do? That’s right – do have nothing. For such cases, insurers need to help make the latest iteration and safely return the bar to the starting position.

Conclusion. Be sure to locate the person room, which you insure. You do not need to do any special action, just walk up and ask, could help you?