Lisa and Dan headed down to San Diego to head with hair pieces for the pride float in San Diego's Pride parade.  We had so much fun helping make these hair pieces. 

Milagros would like to wish everyone a very Happy 4th of July! Today we have been celebrating with a bang since 10AM and are going until 7PM! You've still got time to come in for that haircut,facial, or whichever service you need before this evening! Also, please check out our specials page, we have some incredible deals you won't want to miss out on, and we are extending these until Saturday! Happy 4th!
What an amazing master series class today with Lisa Vann and friends! We Learned current trends, the importance of being able to take an over the top runway look and make it relevant to what your clientele can wear, color placement, and some amazing men's and women's hair cutting techniques! All of the professionals and future professionals were then able to work on models practicing what they learned, and we had a blast doing it. We just love how open Lisa Vann and her team are; Lisa said she loves to share what she knows in this industry, because if she gives away all that she has, she must reinvent something new! It is all about growth! Stay tuned for the intense 2 Day photoshoot workshop with Charlie Price next month!
In any industry, the key to moving forward and growing is education! Starting with the foundations today, Dru Olser, one of the top stylist at Milagros taught a styling class focusing on flat-wrapping, leafing, and the proper tools to achieve sleek, rounded, and Voluminous looks! Great day at Milagros! Training will be held bi-weekly, so we're excited to see what's next!
After an amazing show Sunday evening, the fabulous Stephen Dimmick came back to Milagros SalonSpa to teach an advanced make-up course. His focus was sculpting, and he was so detailed and open with what he was doing, why, and gave tips on setting ourselves up for being successful artists. He had question answer time, and models were available for everyone to practice the newly learned techniques. It was a pleasure meeting and working with Stephen, and we can't wait to work with him again!
Lisa Vann and friends sure did put on an unforgettable show last night! We were graced with the presence of Celebrity stylists Ted Gibson, Jason Backe, and celebrity make-up artist Stephen Dimmick. This show was so creatively and thoughtfully put together! The Triple Door Theater was packed with stylist, salon owners, make-up artists, future professionals and other beauty industry professionals. People came for a great show, but this was so much more than just a performance. Ted Gibson was an open book, and shared his knowledge of the craft, answered questions, and gave tips and advice on how to grow your business. Everyone including myself, left inspired and ready to do MORE!
Last Saturday I went over how to achieve an amazing blowout with body and volume. Today I want to go over how to achieve a sleek blowout for those of you women who enjoy the sleek look, but don't want to have to add the extra step of flat-ironing the hair afterwards. For a sleek look you're going to want to start with a paddle brush versus a round brush unless you want the hair to be a bit rounded toward the ends. After applying product (which I will go over my Aveda product recommendations next week) you want to section the hair; for coarser textures, make smaller sections, and for a more fine texture, you can make bigger sections. Sectioning is an important step because it will ensure your work is neat and it will also save time. Once the hair is sectioned, starting in the back, take the first section and hold paddle brush under the hair with nozzle pointing down on top of the hair as you smooth the brush down the shaft of hair. Repeat this step until each section is complete. It is also important to remember alternating between cool and warm as this will help set the hair. It is a fairly simple process; practice makes perfect and working neatly is key! Please post any questions or concerns you are having and I'll be happy to answer. Happy Saturday!
It seems lately most of my curly clients are requesting sleek hair as their finished style. Today's product of the day goes to a product I believe is underrated: Brilliant anti-humectant pomade! This is a multi purpose product for anyone who wants to instantly add shine, fight frizz and lock in a sleek look. Anti-humectant means anti-moisture, so it will actually fight to repel moisture from the hair, and using a little bit of this product before straightening the hair will ensure your style stays in tact all day! You won't have to worry about your hair reverting back to its curly and/or frizzy state with this product! Add a little of this to curly hair before blowdrying if you want to blowout the curl and get a shiny finish without straightening the hair. This pomade can also be used to finish a sleek bun or braided look, and lets not forget to mention the amazing aroma! This has always been one of my favorite Aveda products! Give it a try and I'm sure it will be a favorite product of yours before the summer is over! Tune in next Wednesday for a product of the day that should be on everyone's summer essentials list!

What's the most popular finishing style women get when they go to the salon? That's right, a blowout! I've heard many times how much a client loves their hair, but how they wish they could recreate the look at home. Trust me ladies, a beautiful blowout is easier than it seems! For the most volume you are going to want to start with a round brush. Size of round brush will depend on length of hair; the more hair you have, the bigger the brush, and the less hair you have the smaller the round brush. Play hot and cold as you dry. Dry your hair in sections, start from the roots and dry all the way to the ends, letting the brush linger at the tips of your strands. Let your hair cool off like this on its own for five seconds, then repeat on another section. Alternating between heat and cool down time helps to set your style, and your blowout will have more body! Now that wasn't difficult! Give this method a try next time you style your hair, and post any questions you may have! Stay tuned next week for great products to use before a blowout! Happy Saturday!
Have you heard of Aveda's new Invati system?! Well if you're looking to reduce hair thinning, reduce hair loss, or just looking to improve the overall health of your scalp, then pay attention! Invati is a 3 step system that is 97% naturally derived and reduces hair thinning and hair loss by 33%! Today I want to give the spotlight to step 3 which is the scalp revitalizer. This is a product that contains powerful ingredients including ginseng and turmeric which will revitalize and rehabilitate the scalp follicles when massaged in. This product will increase scalp circulation and strengthen hair follicles creating the optimum environment for healthy hair! As we all should know, if your scalp is imbalanced your hair will too be out of balance. Come into Milagros for a complimentary consultation and see if this product is right for YOU!