What an amazing master series class today with Lisa Vann and friends! We Learned current trends, the importance of being able to take an over the top runway look and make it relevant to what your clientele can wear, color placement, and some amazing men's and women's hair cutting techniques! All of the professionals and future professionals were then able to work on models practicing what they learned, and we had a blast doing it. We just love how open Lisa Vann and her team are; Lisa said she loves to share what she knows in this industry, because if she gives away all that she has, she must reinvent something new! It is all about growth! Stay tuned for the intense 2 Day photoshoot workshop with Charlie Price next month!
In any industry, the key to moving forward and growing is education! Starting with the foundations today, Dru Olser, one of the top stylist at Milagros taught a styling class focusing on flat-wrapping, leafing, and the proper tools to achieve sleek, rounded, and Voluminous looks! Great day at Milagros! Training will be held bi-weekly, so we're excited to see what's next!