Never a dull moment for the Milagros team! With Earth Month coming to an end we just had to go out with a bang! Yesterday we had our annual Earth Month Cut-A-Thon offering $25 hair cuts and $10 facial waxing; significant price cut as compared to our normal service prices. All proceeds went to the Puget SoundKeepers Alliance which is a local non-profit that ensures our water stays clean, and free from pollution. We had a live band, Autumn Electric, rocking the house while the guests enjoyed refreshments, lemon raspberry mimosa, pizza, and a chance to win our awesome raffle prizes! We had so much fun we want to make this happen more than just once a year! Although Earth Month is coming to end, our healthy habits should not. We should always do what we can to use less and give more! Below is a link to the Puget SoundKeepers Alliance for those who are unfamiliar. Stay tuned for more from the Milagros Team!
There seems to be a bit of confusion when it comes to the proper temperature of water one should use when shampooing and conditioning the hair, so here is a quick breakdown of the correct temperature water to use and why.
Hot water rinses oil and dirt from the hair and scalp which can be beneficial, but heat also causes frizz, and hot water is no exception. Hot water can also cause the hair to become overly porous causing it to become dry and brittle.Solution: cleanse, condition and detangle your hair with WARM water, not hot.
Cold water not only closes the pores and prevents dirt from entering, it also closes the hair cuticle, sealing in the moisture from the conditioner you apply. This will add shine to the hair and prevent frizz. Because cold water leaves the hair smooth, it can potentially flatten your hair if you naturally have a fine texture. Solution: when you are ready to rinse out your conditioner turn the dial to COOL. Now that we have #thebasics out of the way, remember shampooing and conditioning properly is the foundation to healthy hair and amazing hair styles! Please, ask any questions you may have about your routine at home or product recommendations. Stay tuned for next Saturday's styling tips!!
It's Earth Month and there are still a large number of people that aren't sure what they can do to be a part of it. Aveda is featuring a candle this year called "Light the Way" and purchasing this candle will not only fill your home with wonderful organic spices such as cinnamon, vanilla, and ylang ylang from Madagascar, it will provide clean water to a child in Madagascar for an entire year!! What a way to help, right?! These candles are soy just like Aveda's other candles, but they are only $12 which is quite a difference from the norm of $34! 100% of the proceeds helps protect clean water. So what are you waiting for?!
With summer just around the corner, it's important to get our skin in order! (Hey that rhymes!) Today's product of the day goes to a product from our Tourmaline charged skin care line called the Radiant Skin Refiner! This product is a cream, clay-based scrub that exfoliates with bamboo extract and energizes with tourmaline to leave skin radiant and refined. This scrub is recommended to be used twice weekly after your Aveda cleanser and followed with Aveda toner/serum/moisturizer of your choice. This product is a life saver and will give you summer ready dewy skin in no time! Questions about your current skin care routine? Need help getting your skin to a happy place? Just ask! Tune in next Wednesday for another amazing Aveda product to be featured!
Here's a sneak peak into yesterday's successful photoshoot for an ad campaign to be featured in D List Magazine! We had stunning models, and the finished looks you will not want to miss, so stay tuned in folks!
Milagros editorial team working the RAW artist show April 20th 2012. Stay tuned to see what this team is up to next!